11 February 14:00 - 15:10Digital event

How will the packaging industry step out of the current crisis? Are there any changes in the industry trends and focus topics? What does the future of trade fairs look like?

Welcome to our first Virtual Handshake meeting in 2021! This time we will gather digitally to hear our member FACHPACK and their long-standing partners, the German Packaging Institute (dvi), and the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) share their insights on the further development of the packaging market in Germany and Europe.

As per usual, we will finish the event with an open Q&A session. Join from wherever you are to hear Packbridge members' stories, learn and connect!

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Dr. Johannes Bergmair
General Secretary @ World Packaging Organisation (WPO)

Dr. Johannes Bergmair's special field within the range of packing is the quality assurance within the Supply chain „food “. Besides acting as a General Secretary of World Packaging Organisation, Johannes also is a founder of a packaging consultancy company named PACK EXPERTS, holds numerous lectures for packaging technology in Austria and Germany, and works as a court expert for packaging and as an auditor for hygiene management.

Dr. Johannes Bergmair is a member of the Austrian Standardisation Committee “Packaging” and Austrian Board Member of WPO (World Packaging Organisation) since 2011. Since 2018 he acts as a General Secretary of WPO.

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Phillip Blass
Director FACHPACK @ NürnbergMesse GmbH

Phillip is an exhibition manager at NürnbergMesse since 2008. He is a communications graduate and passionate salesman and has experience in organizing a wide range of business platforms at NürnbergMesse. Since the end of 2020, he employs his enthusiasm and expertise for planning and development at FACHPACK - with the aim to connect people, manage knowledge and create unforgettable experiences. If Phillip were a packaging, he would probably be a stand-up pouch: steadfast, flexible and extremely practical.

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Kim Cheng
Managing Director, In-House Lawyer @ German Packaging Institute (dvi)

Kim has joined the German Packaging Institute (dvi) as an In-House Lawyer and Managing Director in 2016. Previously she spent 7 years as a Head of Division Transport Policy at the Federation of German Wholesale, Foreign Trade and Services (BGA).

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Heike Slotta
Executive Director Exhibitions @ NürnbergMesse GmbH

Heike is in the trade fair business ever since her school days and still thrives in the field of bringing people, companies and markets together to pave the way for business, prosperity and the future. The need to "meet beside the fireplace" is deeply rooted in us, people. And we will light the fire again as soon as we can after the pandemic. Combined with digital technology, which helps to get the most out of the live-events, the future is at hand.

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Welcome word from FACHPACK and Packbridge

Heike Slotta, NürnbergMesse GmbH and Svetlana Eskebaek, Packbridge


How to pack challenging times? Market figures and trends in the European packaging market

Dr. Johannes Bergmair, World Packaging Organisation


No lockdown for sustainability: Challenges of the packaging industry in Germany

Kim Cheng, German Packaging Institute


FACHPACK – a hybrid business booster in 2021

Phillip Blass, NürnbergMesse


Q&A session/dialogue with participants


About FACHPACK/NürnbergMesse: FACHPACK is a leading European trade fair for packaging, technology and processing. It is an important guide for the packaging industry and its customers – a compact, three-day working trade fair where packaging issues are actually tackled. 

Founded in 1974, NürnbergMesse has grown to become among the 15 largest exhibition companies in the world.

All you need to know:

When: February 11, 14:00-15:10

Where: Wherever you are - this is a digital event 

For whom: All professionals within the packaging ecosystem

Language: This event will be held in English 

Virtual Handshake is a series of business storytelling events during which Packbridge community members share interesting cases, recent challenges, learnings, industry news, and opportunities straight from behind the scenes of their organisation.